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The  objective of project GSM controller the house appliances is to provide a wide range and variety of customer with a controller GSM. Their main aimed at developing the safety of home against light, air conditioner agitated with Automatic Temperature Sensor and fan. In any of the above three cases any one met while you are out of your home than the device sends SMS to the system no provided to it.

The report consists of a background into the area of 8051 microcontroller and mobile communication, how they are interfaced to each other and AT (Attention) commands set used in communication.

However, it is unrealistic to expect the safety control the home appliances to plan the generation, transmission and control systems such on and off the electrical appliances are can be control. Some of these devices which are expensive but consist of reliable system and there are some cheaper devices which are productive too but still, all this devices has their own limitations. Even though technology plays a main role in developing good automated smart switching module but still there many addicts who are concern on the price tag(costing)of the devices itself [1]. Such outages and disturbances can be quite disastrous in the
case of sensitive loads, such as computers, which are now extensively used in modern commerce and industry.

            Looking into all this aspect in the real life habit, a stable and acceptable solution which is the SMS remote control Safety Home Module for remote access and control of electrical appliances via GSM modem has been designed. Safety home will be the future of homes. Equipped wit the latest technology, safety home has potential to become a reality in the new market with latest technology. Safety Home System is as shown below in Figure 1.1 and the hardware connection of the application on figure 1.2.The SMS controller as the primary control unit provide reliable structured approach and monitoring status compare to the conventional method(CM). In this system, the SMS is used for switching basic electrical appliances using conventional method and also remote switching via short SMS. This entire system enables the end user to interactively communicate with the SMS controller in any circumstances.

            The home appliances controlled by using the SMS switching are as appended below:-

1)      Light
2)      Air Conditioner agitated
3)      Fan
4)      Error Detection System

Literature Review

            Most of current can be control about home appliances can be control by GSM remote. The number of methods and approaches being used or proposed to estimate the GSM remote can be programmable control the home safety. Home safety will be the future of homes. Equipped with the latest technology, home safety has potential to become a reality in the home market. The key to homes safety is in the wiring. For example, the panels will host all wiring options in one panel instead of hosting just one cable outlet of the same size. Home safety technology has not made much progress in the past. However, it seems that it is starting to become a reality now as companies are taking part in the Home safety industry.

            Home safety technology[6] offers the prospect of significant improvements in living standards for everyone including older or disabled people who are heavily reliant on home care. Home safety is a home emphasizes on safety, security and comfort with modern technology in it.

            According to Lim et al. [9], almost half of those surveyed (45%) are interested in having the sort of functions offered by a Home safety. The reason consumers embrace the idea of smart home technology is because of the safety and security features it after, which according to statistic, was agreed by about 70% of respondents.
A study by [1]the main idea is about the new generation of homes. Home safety are actually ordinary homes turned extraordinary using the latest technology. A smart home is nearly fully automated and it ensures safety, security and comfort for everyone under its roof. By utilizing advance and complex technologies, life is made easier and simpler.

            Home safety offer the best in security, safety and comfort. It was originally instead for the technologically inclined (techno geeks) but now, Home safety are aimed at the general public. This is because Home safety make everyday responsibilities easier and simpler, besides saving time and energy. Home safety prove especially convenient for those who have hectic lifestyle, aiding them in the daily house chores by [3].

A Home safety provides benefits to the home owner as it ensures the safety and security of the family members, simplify house chores and tasks and helps in efficient energy management, thus reducing energy bills for the home. Automation helps make a Home safety more convenient. Safety and security features are installed in and around the house. For example, sensors that are installed can detect a person’s movement and activates a certain preset function by [7]. This would prove extremely useful when the home owner is not at home or outstation. Any sign of break-ins would be detected immediately and the alarm would be let off.


Figure 1:Using PIC16F877


Ø  Accomplish a conventional method of switching as well as smart switching.
Ø  Exploit the preprogram switching pertaining the Real Time Technique.
Ø  Employ the remote licit method via GSM modem.
Ø  Organize an immense error detection model to display and notify user on defects of the electrical appliances.
Ø  Alert on each switching made through SMS.


The brain of the system stands on the main controller unit which is the SMS switching. While exercising conventional method of switching, at the same time, this product is capable of implementing intelligent as well. A few attribute is anticipated such as:-

Ø  Channel of bandwidth with use.Example:1800 bandwidth.
Ø  Hand phone GSM is devices will be use to SMS.

This study will review the various types and configuration of SMS switching systems which will then be used as case studies to test and validate the proposed reliability estimation methods. Cost/benefit analysis that considers the cost of outage and the cost SMS switching programmable will also be performed to ensure that the switching design configuration and application satisfies the SMS by GSM requirements at a right cost.


The research study will produce development estimation for SMS switching systems. Estimation techniques will be proposed, tested and applied to the analysis and design of the SMS switching systems. The proposed techniques will be useful in determining some important reliability parameters of the SMS switching systems and will provide information on the overall SMS switching system’s reliability and availability.

The SMS switching system’s figures can also be used to plan for SMS switching system’s maintenance program and correspondingly to plan for component spares and logistic. The estimated SMS switching system’s can be applied to compare the SMS switching design, types and configurations; along with other factors such as performance, cost, available space, and many others. The research findings will be very useful in the GSM industry as it will enables the user to make informed judgments and performance of such systems. Practically, its main target users are GSM system designers, manufacturers, GSM tendering committees maintenance and repair personnel and up to the end-users.

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