Wednesday, 8 February 2012


• The main component is the regulator IC 7805 which serves to convert the input DCvoltage 12V to 5VDC

• 5VDC is the operating voltage used by the PIC, sensor, relay driver, and also in theother circuits

• functions as a rectifier diode IN4007.

• 1K ohm function as "Load" which allows a small current through it and then light theLED.

• Babysitter WANTED function as "filters" to produce a clean DC operating voltage(filtering the resulting ripple voltage)


• C547 transistors used as switches for controlling the operation of relay

• If there is voltage at the base of transistor> 0.7V the transistor will be in the "ON"

• Current flows from the resistor, transistor base to ground.


A microcontroller is a single integrated circuit (IC) which is small enough but containing all the integrated circuits such as CPU, EPROM program memory, RAM memory and an Input/Output interfaces.
All of these functions are included within one single package, making them cost effective and easy to use.

PIC Microcontroller is a programmable microcontroller ICs manufactured by MICROCHIP

Programming language:
High Level language:
  • C language,C++
  • Basic, QBasic
Low Level Language:
  • Assembly

Software tools to write program:
  • MPLAB IDE (can be download from microchip website)

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